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Think Power Solutions has executed several projects for Xcel Energy, ONCOR Electric Delivery, TNMP, CenterPoint Energy, CoServ Electric, Sabre-FWT, HDR, and MYR. Our responsibilities have included construction inspection and management, material inspection, material quality control and management of delivery, project controls services for project scheduling, tracking, and performance evaluation analytics, asset management and reliability centered maintenance, vegetation management, engineering services, being part of an EPC team for construction management and material management. The case studies presented are examples of some of our work.

General Challenges in the Utility Industry:

Today’s projects for Utilities and Infrastructure companies are becoming more complex and require working with remote teams, contractors and suppliers located around the world. This makes it especially important to track real time project information and coordinate between the various teams.

  • How do your field teams collaborate with your engineering department?
  • How do they communicate material, right of way, permitting, and other construction challenges back to the design and project management teams?
  • How does your field team get access to the latest documents and drawings? And how do they update the as-built drawings? And does the project manager know what’s happening in real-time?
  • How sophisticated is your project controls and project management system?
  • Do you still use common database, spreadsheet, and scheduling software to execute projects?
  • Does every member of your team have access to the same schedule and be on the same page for successful project execution?
  • How do you track actual spend vs. budgeted spend?

Well, the fact is that it is very much a manual process with a lot of paper and cumbersome email to track. This results in too much of non-value added wasteful work.

We are living in a connected world. Connectivity, mobility, and analytics are transforming your industry today and Think Power Solutions is leading the way. Think Power Solutions has a team with the experience in delivering transmission, distribution, and substation construction inspection, material coordination, quality control, material management, asset management, vegetation management, and project management. But what makes us really stand out is the set of unique, simple-to-use software we have developed and integrated with industry leading tools.

The case studies presented here shows real project examples of work using Unified Construction Management tools resulting in real-time collaboration between the various teams? Combined with the dashboard reporting and analytics platform, Think Power Solutions brings our clients integrated construction, asset, and project management solutions that can transform the way you manage your projects.

CenterPoint Energy Transmission Line Program Management

Until their successful partnership with Think Power Solutions (Think Power), like many other Utilities CenterPoint Energy did not have a sophisticated project controls and project management system to execute their transmission line projects. Just like many other Utilities, CenterPoint Energy used common database, spreadsheet, and scheduling software to execute their projects. While this may have shortcomings, the job always got done. With increasing regulatory compliance requirements, more complex projects, stringent outage requirements, and an ever-increasing keen eye on the detail for actual spend vs. budgeted spend, CenterPoint Energy wanted to be proactive and positively change the Utility’s project execution culture.

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TNMP Construction Management & Construction Inspection

TNMP is in the midst of enhancing their facilities across their vast service territory and was looking to develop a comprehensive Project Controls, Material Management, and Construction Management program for their transmission line engineering, substation engineering, and construction projects. TNMP was looking to develop a robust, scalable, and efficient Project Controls, Material Management, and Construction Management program with an overall stated goal of improving engineering and construction operations and business intelligence.

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CenterPoint Energy Line Patrol, Data Analytics, Reliability Centered Design and Maintenance Asset Management

Challenge: In March 2013, CenterPoint Energy experienced a 90-degree lattice tower underream foundation failure resulting in cascading event involving four additional towers. This failure occurred during frigid temperatures and on a line that had recently been reconductored. CenterPoint Energy subsequently identified symptoms of foundation failure in several other towers with underream foundations.

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Xcel Energy Construction Management, Construction Inspection, Material Management

Challenge: Xcel Energy SPS’s capital spend (Capex) increased from about $20M per year to about $300M per year at a rapid rate. This increase in Capex was due to several projects that were required to be completed to enhance regional transmission reliability, provide Utility infrastructure for the Oil Patch boom in the Southeast New Mexico and West Texas regions. Xcel Energy was looking to develop a comprehensive Material Management and Construction Management program for their transmission line substation construction projects. Xcel Energy wanted to achieve a simple goal that the project teams in the office and field teams needed to know what was happening in real-time.

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HDR Spanish/English Construction Management

Challenge: In 2013, Mexico passed legislation turning away from its history of state-owned energy monopolies and were eager for the added power as the nation opened its electricity industry for the first time since 1960. Since the 1930s, the Federal Commission of Electricity (CFE) has dominated Mexico’s electricity sector by providing generation, transmission and distribution services to the entire country. Recent reforms will liberalize much of the nation’s electricity industry. Additionally, the recently adopted future reforms promise to dramatically reshape the power and utilities sector in Mexico.

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