T & S Construction Management

Comprehensive Field Project Management

Think Power’s trained inspectors verify that owner’s design and contract intent is satisfied in the as-built asset based on the actual conditions encountered during construction. Our staff also provide input on best practices to coordinate and verify a safe work place in the field. Our overall objective is to improve the construction process, provide inputs to implement adequate safety practices, and verify engineering design intents are accomplished during the construction process of transmission, distribution, and substation projects across the United States. Typical responsibilities include:

  • Champion client standards
  • Collaborate with client and contractor to resolve engineering and constructability challenges
  • Document “as-built” information
  • Verify design specifications are implemented during construction
  • Verify compliance with environmental issues
  • Verify Right of Way (ROW) and equipment are protected
  • Comply w/outage and Non Reclose Order (NRO) requests
  • Understand and ensure compliance with grounding of lines and equipment
  • Inspectors trained and certified as per utility standards in barehand work
  • Experts in barehand maintenance inspection
  • Inspectors trained in hot stick work such as raising phases to upgrade pole heights on energized lines
  • Substation thermal studies to identify weak connection issues, transformer over-loading etc.