Vegetation Management

Light-weight & Comprehensive Software Solution

Think Power supports your vegetation management program by providing consulting services and software solutions.


  • VM program assessment
  • Data analytics/cycle optimization
  • Technical training for both utility VM staff and contractors
  • Budget preparation/spending review
  • Creation/review of written VM plans and specifications

Software Services

Think Power Solutions provides a light-weight but comprehensive vegetation management software as a service solution that encompasses mobile data collection by vegetation crews and a market-leading dashboard solution (Think Power ONE) that reports current activities as well as performs historical analysis.

Features Include:

  • Field data collection on virtually any GPS enabled smart phone or tablet
  • Forms for documenting VM field work, creating work requests, crew audits, and QC checks
  • Powerful set of web based dashboards to view field activities, monitor work progress, and perform historical analysis

In the Field

  • Think Power ONE works on any GPS enabled smart phone or tablet
  • Use the devices you already have without the need for expensive Windows-based equipment in the field
  • Familiar app-based data entry uses standard mobile device controls
  • Utility VM staff can create work requests in the field¬†
  • Most forms can include marked up photos
  • Work requests can be sent straight to the company or crew you wish to perform the work
  • Utility staff can perform field audits of work quality and contract compliance
  • Reports are immediately sent to crews, supervisors, or anyone you wish to see the results
  • Field crews document their work progress using simple app based forms
  • Work progress reports are immediately sent to Utility VM staff and contract supervisors
  • Work reports can include GPS locations, time and date stamping, production information, and pictures
  • Custom forms to document an accident, property damage, or near miss
  • Crews can report refusal or no access situations including GPS, time/date, and pictures. These reports are immediately received by their supervisors
  • Crews can report facility damage such as broken insulators or crossarms

In the Office

  • Think Power ONE provides a powerful set of dashboards that are automatically updated with new data from the field
  • Progress dashboards report status of current work, calculating percent complete based on historical information
  • Maps include individual work locations and all production data submitted from the field
  • All dashboards can be filtered to display only the information you wish to see
  • Individual users can be set up to view different information (Utility/Contractor or Field/Management)
  • Year to date summary provides full system overview of work progress and spending
  • All calculations are updated automatically as new data is received from the field
  • No data import or manual entry is required to stay up to date